We are Masters of our own Destinies…


Our Purpose

Anchor Youth Foundation Nigeria (ayfNig) creates content that educates, informs and inspires the Nigerian youth, raising in him a consciousness that He is the ‘Master of his own Destiny’

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Anchor Youth Foundation (ayfNig) seeks ways to motivate him through competitions and career guidance/counselling, thereby bringing him to a knowledge that he has potentials inside of him that can be matched by those exhibited by any other youth in any part of the world.

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Anchor Youth Foundation (ayfNig) seeks ways to entertain the youth by showing him that seeking success is not alien to seeking happiness or pleasure. ayfNig teaches the youth to fuse work and play together until his ‘work’ becomes his ‘play’ and his ‘play’ becomes his work.

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Anchor Youth Foundation (ayfNig) seeks out financially deprived youths that have great potentials within them but are financially handicapped; helping them source for scholarships or grants by well spirited individuals.

Anchor Youth Foundation (ayfNig) is geared to seeking out ways to Inspire the Youth to greatness – especially the ‘Nigerian Youth’ that has been brought up with an erroneous notion that the colour of his skin has placed a limitation on him.



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We are masters of our own destinies..